On July 28, 2021 the Lower Danube Museum – Calarasi will open the exhibition “Interwar urban life in the Baragan plain – Oltenitsa, Calarasi and Slobozia”

The photographic exhibition begins with photos of the old buildings in Oltenitsa. Some of them are preserved only by looking at old photos, because they have been destroyed by people and time.

The city looked beautiful. From the station there was a beautiful alley with poplars, which led to the small park. A beautiful monument to the heroes has been erected here. At the same time, the municipal hall has been turned into a delightful hall for celebrations. To the right of the park is the Society Danube Guard, who also maintained good cinema. Other buildings include the bank and the casino The mouth of Argesh, a place that could be an honor even for Bucharest; The bank Oltenitsa, the post office building and the high school C. Alimanisteanu.

The city developed thanks to the grain trade. The trade was run by Greeks and Jews, and the Romanians were innkeepers, brasovtsi, plowmen and fewer intellectuals. In the past, the grain trade was quite lively. At one point, it even surpassed all the trade in Calarasi.

You can find out many other interesting facts during the exhibition.

Please be welcome!