Mobile exhibition “On A River Distance”

Opening: July 30, 2021 in Calarasi

The mobile exhibition "On A River Distance" is part of the implemented activities of the European cross-border project "Innovative Cultural Bridge for Sustainable Regional Development ROBG-271", implemented by the historical museums in Tutrakan (Bulgaria) and Calarasi (Romania). Its goal is to transform common historical events and objects into a unifying historical symbol for a better and sustainable future.
The historical, cultural and spiritual ties between Bulgaria and Romania are centuries old and the propinquity between our peoples and cultures is historically determined. Tutrakan and Calarasi are located at the crossroads of different civilizations and religions, which creates a multifaceted cultural and spiritual heritage. In the different historical epochs periods of opposition and enmity alternate with finding common paths and common values for the two peoples. Thus, over the centuries, a cultural heritage was formed, based on the European cultural and Christian identity and became the basis for strong ties between the Bulgarian and Romanian people on both banks of the Danube. We find them in the traditions and customs, folklore, livelihood, way of life and everyday life of the people, passed down through the generations. Although in both cities they have specific, unique features, in them we see many common characteristics that connect us.
The exhibition "On a River Distance“Aims to support mutual knowledge of the culture and history of the two cities and promote the cultural and historical heritage of Tutrakan to Romanian society and present the municipality of Tutrakan as a modern tourist destination, with emphasis on historical, cultural, fishing and other types of tourism. The choice of title is not accidental - for centuries our lives have passed on the Danube and between its two banks, it connects us and divides us.
The mobile exhibition "On a River Distance " is the made by the team of the Historical Museum - Tutrakan and through 15 panels it introduces visitors to the identity and rich historical past of Tutrakan, the way of life, culture and tourist sites of the town and municipality of Tutrakan, presented in the context of the relations between the two peoples.
In the preliminary preparation of the exhibition, the museum workers from HM-Tutrakan conducted scientific research, which presents in historiographical, historical, religious, ethnological and tourist terms the relations, way of life and culture of the people on both sides of the river. A special place is given to the role of the Danube River as uniting and dividing the two peoples.
The exhibition is based on archival and contemporary photographs, archival documents, facsimiles of newspapers published in Tutrakan in the early twentieth century, lithographs and postcards stored in the funds of the Historical Museum-Tutrakan, to which visitors do not have access. Through it, they become available to the public and museum professionals on both banks of the river.
In order to fulfill its goals and reach a wider audience, the exhibition is annotated in Bulgarian, Romanian and English. We hope that it will enhance the interest of Romanian society in getting to know Bulgaria and in particular Tutrakan and will contribute to the development of sustainable cultural tourism.