"Innovative Bridge for Sustainable Regional Development"

The overall objective of of the project is to utilise the rich cultural and historical potential of the Tutrakan and Calarasi cities to increase the number of tourists and visitors to cultural sites. This will strengthen the economy and increase the number of tourists and visitors, especially adolescents, by developing modern cultural attractions. We believe that one of the major problems in presenting history and culture is the lack of interaction with new modern technologies that are increasingly becoming part of the society and new generations. That is why in this project we envisage active interaction of the audience with historical facts and events through virtual reality technologies.

The project will develop:

  1. Tourism strategy related to effective tourist mobility in the countries and between the two banks of the Danube River
  2. Organization of three historical exhibitions that will be presented in Tutrakan and Calarasi, showing interesting and significant sites 
  3. Developing presentations of sites and historical events through VR that are in line with the modern ways of presenting history.
  4. Organization of workshops for children related to archeology exploration in Calarash.

Our approach adapts the best practices across Europe to represent historical sites. Such solutions are used in various museums in Italy, Germany and others and show that the interest of visitors and younger generations is growing.

During the project will be created two tourist product:
 1. Based on the proposed mobility packages built around the established cultural and historical products, a "structured" integrated tourism product for cultural tourism will be developed. 

2. At the same time, an electronic portal with a rich interactive database will be developed and maintained, which will be a prerequisite for the increased interest of tourists wishing to enjoy the local culture and history. This will create an "unstructured" tourism product for unorganized tourism (casual visitors, small stakeholder groups)

VR Demo
Tutrakan EPIC DEMO. The full product can be seen in Historical Museum Tutrakan. YOU ARE WELCOME! Demo of the VR for Gumelnita Civilisation - the full product can be seen and tested in the premises of the Lower Danube Museum in Calarasi
Launching conference
A modern Bulgarian-Romanian cultural project will develop tourism on both banks of the Danube The extremely rich history and culture of Tutrakan and the Romanian town on the opposite bank of the Danube - Calarasi will "live" in a virtual museum and will be a new attraction for locals and tourists. This is the ambitious […]
The beautiful area near the Veliko Tarnovo village of Belyakovets has become a real battlefield for the shooting of a new, super-modern historical film. The production "Tutrakan 1916" recreates one of the most epic battles during the First World War - the Tutrakan epic, which led to the liberation of Dobruja, and is filmed under […]