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Исторически Музей Тутракан


Interdisciplinary event under the Project “New CoDe – approaches to development in the museum” of the Historical Museum – Tutrakan
On 15-17.11 2023, an interdisciplinary event was held under the Project "New CoDe - approaches to development in the museum" of the Historical Museum - Tutrakan, financed by the National Culture Fund, Bulgaria under the PROGRAM FOR RESTORATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF STATE , REGIONAL AND MUNICIPAL CULTURAL INSTITUTE was officially opened yesterday by Petar Boychev […]
Our stories from the Danube
For all those who love new and exciting experiences, we have prepared a short business card of the charms of our region. We are expecting you! This video was created with the support of the National Fund for Culture, Program for the Restoration and Development of State Cultural Institutes.
An Album on the History of Crafts, Danube Fishing and Boatbuilding in Tutrakan
For all of you, our curious visitors, Histotical Museum - Tutrakan publishes an electronic album in which you can get familiar with the traditional crafts of the town and mainly with the disappearing craft of fishermen and boat building. You can view the album hereThe album is part of the project "Digital Approaches in the […]
INVITATION for Closing Conference under project ROBG-271
“Tutrakan – Calarasi Innovative Cultural Bridge for Sustainable Regional Development” (CBSRD), Contract number  135331/16.11.2018, Financed under Programme INTERREG V-A Romania-Bulgaria 2014-2020 Historical Museum Tutrakan would like to invite you to take part in the closing conference which will take place on April 14, 2022 at 14:00 pm in the County Council Hall in Tutrakan. During […]
Why don't we change the position of the visitor from a bystander to a direct participant in the fighting at Tutrakan in 1916? The story of the Battle of Tutrakan is the story of living people who gave and risked their lives for the future generations.
On July 28, 2021 the Lower Danube Museum – Calarasi will open the exhibition “Interwar urban life in the Baragan plain – Oltenitsa, Calarasi and Slobozia”
The photographic exhibition begins with photos of the old buildings in Oltenitsa. Some of them are preserved only by looking at old photos, because they have been destroyed by people and time. The city looked beautiful. From the station there was a beautiful alley with poplars, which led to the small park. A beautiful monument […]
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